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20 years ago, a dream took flight - shaping and forever changing the travel industry in Asia. The idea was simple - make flying affordable for everyone.

Now, that dream has sparked half a billion more dreams and will continue to do so through new experiences from Asean fast food and food deliveries to a network of gateways and getaways.

Connecting people,
Transforming lives

People are at the heart of everything we do. We exist to connect everyone with everything everywhere. In doing so, we serve the underserved, build communities and transform lives to unite Asean.

Uniting asean
and beyond

A region rich in cultures, diversity and talent, we champion the idea of a region united by its uniqueness.

Building great products

Empowering people for an inclusive, sustainable and digital future.

An any day app for Asean, from travel to delivery

The world's best low-cost airline

Moving things better

Making finance more accessible

A place to nurture people and businesses

Best-in-class MRO services